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4 Stall Restroom Trailer


Our 4 Stall Unit: 2 Women, 1 Men, and 1 Urinal unit is rated for approximately 1,500 uses and can serve 200 people.

Ideal For

  • Public outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, parades, charity fundraisers, graduations, outdoor weddings, and more
  • Commercial use such as corporate events, company retreats, and commercial renovations
  • Recreational locations for seasonal use such as marinas, golf courses, and sports facilities

Mobile restroom trailers are all too common, but what sets us apart is our highly skilled staff and our extensive service plan. We promise your portable restroom trailer rental will arrive in pristine condition and stay that way throughout the life of your project.


  • One (1) 110v extension cord for the heat/ac and lights
  • One (1) garden hose for water.
  • 20’x20’ flat area required


Each servicing of your portable restroom trailer rental involves:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, including toilets, urinals, sinks, floors, and walls
  • Refills or hand sanitizer, hand soap, paper towels, and of course, toilet paper
  • Emptying wastebaskets and evacuating holding tanks
  • Functionality testing to ensure the lighting, water, and waste systems are all in proper working order

What We Need to Know

  1. How many people will attend your event and use your restroom trailer rental?
  2. How long will you need the restroom trailer rental?
  3. Will the restroom trailer rental be placed on grass, concrete, or gravel surface?
  4. Can you provide an electrical hookup for your restroom trailer rental?
  5. Can you provide water for your restroom trailer rental?

Need help planning your project? We're here to help!

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