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Hand Washing Stations


Rent hand washing stations at affordable rates for any type of event. Our portable sink rentals make hand washing more comfortable, convenient, and accessible for your family, friends, and employees. The compact design & plumbing-free system allows it to be used almost anywhere. Ideal where space is limited.


  • 2 wash basins
  • Soap and paper towels
  • Hands-free foot pump
  • A dedicated technician to deliver, setup, and pick up your portable hand washing station

Ideal for

  • Concerts, Events, Fundraisers
  • Schools, Churches & Community Centers
  • Commercial Construction
  • Housing Developments
  • Remodels & Tenant Improvements
  • Public Works Projects
  • Post-Disaster Reconstruction

Hand Washing Stations in a Few Simple Steps

  1. How many people will use the station?
  2. How long will you need the station?
  3. Will the station rental be placed on grass, concrete, or gravel surface?
  4. Contact us now for your free estimate for the Royal Treatment!

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